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Sam's Makeup
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Personal Shopping & Image Consulting

Personal shopping is a personal, interactive makeup and styling consultation. We will go to the mall together and learn what works, what doesn’t, what suits you and how best to do it quickly and easily. I will show you the tricks that could save you money and make you look younger, sexier and more confident.

Sam's expertise was honed in the world professional styling, hair and make-up. She has worked with international clients and high profile projects, from promotions to album covers, editorial shoots to personal appearances, both in Canada and other countries.

Please look through the site to see how Sam can help with your needs and aspirations; starting with a complete makeover; makeup, hair and wardrobe.

What kind of looks do you create?
Every client is different in respect to personality, lifestyle, career, and social activities. The looks we create are custom tailored to each individual and what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Sam is the fashion expert and knows when to push you out of your comfort box. Sometimes bad habits are hard to break. Once you have the right tools, it will be easy to maintain your new image.

What type of clients do you work with?
There is no such thing as a typical client. Every one of our clients are unique and different. We have previously worked with men and women ranging from age 7- 80. We accommodate different personalities, lifestyles and careers including:  television personalities, entertainers, artists, musicians, CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, mothers, students, advertising agencies, and many more!

How do we get started?
Working with new clients, we provide a complimentary phone consultation with the image consultant.  We require all new clients to submit two current photos that will help us develop your personalized profile and style guide.  The process starts once we receive these photos and schedule an appointment for services.

How long does it take to create a new image for clients?
There is no set time in creating a customized image. Some clients may only need one service while others may choose several. Everyone's needs are different. The average client may require anywhere from 3-10 hours. This can be done in as little as one session or over multiple sessions. We can tailor the solution to meet your needs and hectic lifestyle.

Do you shop with your clients?
Yes. Our personal shopping service is designed to be informative and interactive. Clients learn valuable information regarding their body structure, styling, color matching, and fashion tips to fit their new image. Clients also learn what stores and brands to target in order to meet their needs.

What is a good budget for shopping with a personal shopper?
Every client has different needs and resources. A shopping budget should accommodate those two things. When shopping, we work within that budget to maximize your investment.

How will I remember to style and wear my new outfits after shopping together?
Your image consultant brings a digital camera that is used to photograph the outfits as they are styled and put together during the personal shopping service. These photos can later be put into a style guide that your image consultant can provide for you. It is a great way to have a catalogue of all the different outfit combinations. You can keep it in your closet and use it to manage your wardrobe. You’ll never be left wondering what goes with what.

How many hours does a wardrobe analysis take?
The time it takes to do a wardrobe analysis at your home depends on the amount of clothing in your closet.  Naturally people with a smaller wardrobe will require less time then someone with a walk in closet. We ask that each client goes through their closet before to do a clean sweep of things they know they need to get rid of.  If you have not worn the garment in over a year then you should get rid of it. We find this to be a great rule of thumb to follow.

Do you work with people in various Cities?
No, right now we are based in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

What’s  your personal style?
We don’t use our personal style to indicate the type of styles we create for our clients. Sam puts together a personal profile based on your lifestyle.  We build a custom image to suit your needs.

Can you help my girlfriend? She does not live in Edmonton?
Yes, we offer a service called, "What to Wear," that helps individuals in various cities and abroad.  This service provides you with answers and solutions regarding your body structure that you have never had before.  The "What to Wear" style guide is a comprehensive analysis package that includes what type of clothing, styles and colors are best suited for your shape with recommendations on exactly what to wear. This service is done remotely by phone and email.

Most stores don’t carry my size, can you accommodate me?
Yes, Sam believes everyone can be beautiful regardless of shape or size. We know the tendencies of construction and fit of clothing brands and can save you precious time by immediately directing you to the style and brands that will most flatter your body type.

I live abroad, is there anyway you can help create my image?
Yes, we offer a remote package called, "What to Wear" that is a comprehensive style guide formulated to match your body structure, weight placement, facial features and skin tones. It includes what type of clothing to wear, what styles to look for and how to accessorize your outfits.  This guide is designed to help ease the frustration of shopping and take the guess work out of styling a great outfit.


  • "All our make up was absolutely fantastic and there was lots of comments about how nice the make up was. I shall definitely be recommending you to anyone who is getting photograp..."
    Mary Ahmed
  • "Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful on my wedding day. You started my day off perfect with your wonderful service. You are the best! Sincerest Thanks"